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Shabad Video by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa DhadrianWale.

Aesa Daru Khaahe Gawar

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Gurbani Shabad

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  • duK mhurw mwrx hir nwmu ]
  • islw sMqoK pIsxu hiQ dwnu ]
  • inq inq lyhu n CIjY dyh ]
  • AMq kwil jmu mwrY Tyh ]1]
  • AYsw dwrU Kwih gvwr ]
  • ijqu KwDY qyry jwih ivkwr ]1] rhwau ]
  • rwju mwlu jobnu sBu CWv ]
  • riQ iPrMdY dIsih Qwv ]
  • dyh n nwau n hovY jwiq ]
  • EQY idhu AYQY sB rwiq ]2]
  • swd kir smDW iqRsnw iGau qylu ]
  • kwmu kRoDu AgnI isau mylu ]
  • hom jg Aru pwT purwx ]
  • jo iqsu BwvY so prvwx ]3]
  • qpu kwgdu qyrw nwmu nIswnu ]
  • ijn kau iliKAw eyhu inDwnu ]
  • sy DnvMq idsih Gir jwie ]
  • nwnk jnnI DMnI mwie ]4]3]8]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Malaar, First Mehl:
  • Pain is the poison. The Lord's Name is the antidote.
  • Grind it up in the mortar of contentment, with the pestle of charitable giving.
  • Take it each and every day, and your body shall not waste away.
  • At the very last instant, you shall strike down the Messenger of Death. ||1||
  • So take such medicine, O fool,
  • by which your corruption shall be taken away. ||1||Pause||
  • Power, wealth and youth are all just shadows,
  • as are the vehicles you see moving around.
  • Neither your body, nor your fame, nor your social status shall go along with you.
  • In the next world it is day, while here, it is all night. ||2||
  • Let your taste for pleasures be the firewood, let your greed be the ghee,
  • and your sexual desire and anger the cooking oil; burn them in the fire.
  • Some make burnt offerings, hold sacred feasts, and read the Puraanas.
  • Whatever pleases God is acceptable. ||3||
  • Intense meditation is the paper, and Your Name is the insignia.
  • Those for whom this treasure is ordered,
  • look wealthy when they reach their true home.
  • O Nanak, blessed is that mother who gave birth to them. ||4||3||8||
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"One can learn a lot from Bhai Saheb for a Smooth Life"
We love bhai saheb’ vichaar on different topics specially on day to day life problems, whether it is parents, children, society. Really wonderful knowledge. We see bhai saheb as a preacher, engineer, doctor, scientist , son, parent. Without being married himself, too much knowledge. Unbelievable. One can learn from bhai saheb a lot for a smooth life. Would like to meet bhai saheb when in India. Regards.
_ Taranjeet Singh, Aurora - USA

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