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isPqI gMFu pvY drbwir

Shabad Video by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa DhadrianWale.

Sweet gurbani shabad sung by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa Dhadrianwale

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Gurbani Shabad

  • m: 1 ]
  • kYhw kMcnu qutY swru ]
  • AgnI gMFu pwey lohwru ]
  • gorI syqI qutY Bqwru ]
  • puqIN gMFu pvY sMswir ]
  • rwjw mMgY idqY gMFu pwie ]
  • BuiKAw gMFu pvY jw Kwie ]
  • kwlw gMFu ndIAw mIh Jol ]
  • gMFu prIqI imTy bol ]
  • bydw gMFu boly scu koie ]
  • muieAw gMFu nykI squ hoie ]
  • eyqu gMiF vrqY sMswru ]
  • mUrK gMFu pvY muih mwr ]
  • nwnku AwKY eyhu bIcwru ]
  • isPqI gMFu pvY drbwir ]2]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • First Mehl:
  • When pieces of bronze or gold or iron break,
  • the metal-smith welds them together again in the fire, and the bond is established.
  • If a husband leaves his wife,
  • their children may bring them back together in the world, and the bond is established.
  • When the king makes a demand, and it is met, the bond is established.
  • When the hungry man eats, he is satisfied, and the bond is established.
  • In the famine, the rain fills the streams to overflowing, and the bond is established.
  • There is a bond between love and words of sweetness.
  • When one speaks the Truth, a bond is established with the Holy Scriptures.
  • Through goodness and truth, the dead establish a bond with the living.
  • Such are the bonds which prevail in the world.
  • The fool establishes his bonds only when he is slapped in the face.
  • Nanak says this after deep reflection:
  • through the Lord's Praise, we establish a bond with His Court. ||2||
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"One can learn a lot from Bhai Saheb for a Smooth Life"
We love bhai saheb’ vichaar on different topics specially on day to day life problems, whether it is parents, children, society. Really wonderful knowledge. We see bhai saheb as a preacher, engineer, doctor, scientist , son, parent. Without being married himself, too much knowledge. Unbelievable. One can learn from bhai saheb a lot for a smooth life. Would like to meet bhai saheb when in India. Regards.
_ Taranjeet Singh, Aurora - USA

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