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jl kI BIiq pvn kw QMbw

Shabad Video by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa DhadrianWale.

Melodious Shabad Kirtan by Jatha Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa Dhadrianwale.

jl kI BIiq pvn kw QMbw
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Gurbani Shabad

  • jl kI BIiq pvn kw QMBw rkq buMd kw gwrw ]
  • hwf mws nwVIN ko ipMjru pMKI bsY ibcwrw ]1]
  • pRwnI ikAw myrw ikAw qyrw ]
  • jYsy qrvr pMiK bsyrw ]1] rhwau ]
  • rwKhu kMD auswrhu nIvW ]
  • swFy qIin hwQ qyrI sIvW ]2]
  • bMky bwl pwg isir fyrI ]
  • iehu qnu hoiego Bsm kI FyrI ]3]
  • aUcy mMdr suMdr nwrI ]
  • rwm nwm ibnu bwjI hwrI ]4]
  • myrI jwiq kmInI pWiq kmInI ECw jnmu hmwrw ]
  • qum srnwgiq rwjw rwm cMd kih rivdws cmwrw ]5]6]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • The body is a wall of water, supported by the pillars of air; the egg and sperm are the mortar.
  • The framework is made up of bones, flesh and veins; the poor soul-bird dwells within it. ||1||
  • O mortal, what is mine, and what is yours?
  • The soul is like a bird perched upon a tree. ||1||Pause||
  • You lay the foundation and build the walls.
  • But in the end, three and a half cubits will be your measured space. ||2||
  • You make your hair beautiful, and wear a stylish turban on your head.
  • But in the end, this body shall be reduced to a pile of ashes. ||3||
  • Your palaces are lofty, and your brides are beautiful.
  • But without the Lord's Name, you shall lose the game entirely. ||4||
  • My social status is low, my ancestry is low, and my life is wretched.
  • I have come to Your Sanctuary, O Luminous Lord, my King; so says Ravi Daas, the shoemaker. ||5||6||
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Sangats' Feedback

"Thanks for yout logical and thruthful gurmat teachings"
Dear Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Ji, I want to thank you for your logical, practical and truthful gurmat teaching which is 100% right. Personally I am 100% behind the stand that you are taking. The corrupt Sikh establishment system that pushes false teachings/literature and seeks only to make money and makes zero positive contribution to the lives of ordinary Sikhs is totally worthless and irrelevant. The actions of these corrupt people are unforgivable. The Guru Sahibs gave us a priceless Sikhi and demonstrated how to live by it in reality. It is up to every individual honest Sikh to personally reject these corrupt people and also make a stand in this age of democracy/freedom of thinking. Thank you once more.
_ Kuldip Singh, Bedford - United Kingdom

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