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morI rux Jux lwieAw

Shabad Video by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa DhadrianWale.

Shabad - Mori Run Jhun Laya Bhaine Sawan Aya

morI rux Jux lwieAw
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Gurbani Shabad

  • vfhMsu mhlw 1 Gru 2 ]
  • morI rux Jux lwieAw BYxy swvxu AwieAw ]
  • qyry muMD ktwry jyvfw iqin loBI loB luBwieAw ]
  • qyry drsn ivthu KMnIAY vMw qyry nwm ivthu kurbwxo ]
  • jw qU qw mY mwxu kIAw hY quDu ibnu kyhw myrw mwxo ]
  • cUVw BMnu plMG isau muMDy sxu bwhI sxu bwhw ]
  • eyqy vys krydIey muMDy shu rwqo Avrwhw ]
  • nw mnIAwru n cUVIAw nw sy vMguVIAwhw ]
  • jo sh kMiT n lgIAw jlnu is bwhVIAwhw ]
  • siB shIAw shu rwvix geIAw hau dwDI kY dir jwvw ]
  • AMmwlI hau KrI sucjI qY sh eyik n Bwvw ]
  • mwiT guMdweIN ptIAw BrIAY mwg sMDUry ]
  • AgY geI n mMnIAw mrau ivsUir ivsUry ]
  • mY rovMdI sBu jgu runw ruMnVy vxhu pMKyrU ]
  • ieku n runw myry qn kw ibrhw ijin hau iprhu ivCoVI ]
  • supnY AwieAw BI gieAw mY jlu BirAw roie ]
  • Awie n skw quJ kin ipAwry Byij n skw koie ]
  • Awau sBwgI nIdVIey mqu shu dyKw soie ]
  • qY swihb kI bwq ij AwKY khu nwnk ikAw dIjY ]
  • sIsu vFy kir bYsxu dIjY ivxu isr syv krIjY ]
  • ikau n mrIjY jIAVw n dIjY jw shu BieAw ivfwxw ]1]3]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Wadahans, First Mehl, Second House:
  • The peacocks are singing so sweetly, O sister; the rainy season of Saawan has come.
  • Your beauteous eyes are like a string of charms, fascinating and enticing the soul-bride.
  • I would cut myself into pieces for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan; I am a sacrifice to Your Name.
  • I take pride in You; without You, what could I be proud of?
  • So smash your bracelets along with your bed, O soul-bride, and break your arms, along with the arms of your couch.
  • In spite of all the decorations which you have made, O soul-bride, your Husband Lord is enjoying someone else.
  • You don't have the bracelets of gold, nor the good crystal jewelry; you haven't dealt with the true jeweller.
  • Those arms, which do not embrace the neck of the Husband Lord, burn in anguish.
  • All my companions have gone to enjoy their Husband Lord; which door should I, the wretched one, go to?
  • O friend, I may look very attractive, but I am not pleasing to my Husband Lord at all.
  • I have woven my hair into lovely braids, and saturated their partings with vermillion;
  • but when I go before Him, I am not accepted, and I die, suffering in anguish.
  • I weep; the whole world weeps; even the birds of the forest weep with me.
  • The only thing which doesn't weep is my body's sense of separateness, which has separated me from my Lord.
  • In a dream, He came, and went away again; I cried so many tears.
  • I can't come to You, O my Beloved, and I can't send anyone to You.
  • Come to me, O blessed sleep - perhaps I will see my Husband Lord again.
  • One who brings me a message from my Lord and Master - says Nanak, what shall I give to Him?
  • Cutting off my head, I give it to Him to sit upon; without my head, I shall still serve Him.
  • Why haven't I died? Why hasn't my life just ended? My Husband Lord has become a stranger to me. ||1||3||

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